Trick Out Your Man Cave With These Awesome Upgrades

Every man loves having a place that he can go hang with his buds where there are couches, TVs, music, and places to keep beer ice cold. Not everyone is so fortunate to have such a place, but if you do then you know the simple luxury that it affords you.

Let’s say you are indeed lucky enough to have a place like this of your own, and better yet all of your buddies have one just like it. What’s there in your man cave to set it apart from that of all of the others? With a little creativity, I’m sure you can come up with some ideas of your own. Maybe its something to do with a sports team, or muscle cars, or perhaps your favorite movie. If not, we’ve put together a list of a few things you can add to your man cave to help make it a great place to have some brews with your buds.

Pool Table

It never hurts to go back to your roots. And who doesn’t love a nice game of pool? If you have the space (and the cash) a pool table can be a great option. A simple game of eight ball can be a great way to pass the time. Over time you can hone your skills and really have an advantage over anyone who makes the mistake of challenging you to a game. This table alone will be enough to make your friends want to come by and spend the afternoon.

Dart Board

Dart boards are to pool tables as peanut butter is to jelly. One simply doesn’t seem to exist without the other. Better yet, if you can’t quite afford a pool table, be it for lack of space or lack of funding, a dart board can be brought in on a more reasonable budget. Just make sure to get a back stop that spans plenty of the wall. It’s all too easy to make a mess of the plaster with stray darts if you don’t.


An afternoon with your buddies simply isn’t all that it can be without a pint of suds. Sure, you can drink out of a can or a bottle like everyone else does, but why not up the ante with your very own selection of beer on tap? Some of the more adventurous hobbyists will even venture into the wild world of making their own home brew to put in the kegs, but you can simply buy some at your local liquor store already in the keg. Some kegerators will even have two taps so that you can have two of your favorite draft beers on tap.

Electric Fireplace

If you’re looking to bring a cool and hip vibe to your man cave, an electric fireplace is a great place to start. They can run on a multitude of flame colors and heat settings. You can also get them in all sorts of formats, from tv stands to inserts for traditional fireplace inserts. However, probably the best design for your man cave is an electric fireplace that is wall mounted perpendicular to your TV. This will save space and give something else to look at during commercials. You can find some good options for your man cave these days.

Massage Chairs

This can get expensive fast, but with good reason. Have you ever sat in a massage chair? Go check one out next time you’re in your local mall. They are simply unbelievable. Just imagine your next game day, sitting and watching the TV with your good friends, all the while sitting in a massage chair. If you resist the temptation to fall asleep, you might just catch the whole game. In any case, you’ll feel incredibly relaxed at the end of your session.