Planning a Road Trip? Get Ready with These 11 Car Emergency Essentials

It’s time to plan your next road trip, but you’re not sure what to bring? Fear not! We have the perfect list of 11 car emergency essentials for you. These are all items that can be used in case of a car emergency or if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Before we get into each item, let’s talk about why it is important to pack these items when driving cross-country.

First off, it is always good idea to travel with some kind of food and water – just in case there are delays or traffic issues that make it difficult for someone to stop quickly for us. It may also be wise to pack an extra set of clothes as well as blankets or pillows in case we have to wait for a tow truck or are stranded overnight.

In addition, here are 11 must-have items for your car emergency kit:

First Aid Kit – This is essential for any type of emergency situation. A first aid kit can help you treat minor injuries until you reach a hospital or other medical professionals.

Jumper Cables – After the battery dies, this is your next best option. Always keep them in your car and make sure they work before you need to use them.

Spare Tire with a Car Jack – If you have ever needed one of these, then you know how important it is that you always bring one along on any trip.

Battery Powered Flashlight – The power could go out or you may run into a situation where your vehicle stops in the dark. Make sure to keep extra batteries for this flashlight as well.

Windshield Wiper Fluid – This is very important when it rains because if there’s even one drop of water on your windshield, then you can’t see anything at all.

Blankets – If you run into a situation where your vehicle breaks down, these can be used for warmth or as padding to sit on. Also make sure that the blankets are not soaking wet in case of rain and will keep you dry.

Rain Poncho – Just like with the emergency blanket, this too is important because it helps protect from rain and cold.

Spare Tire – A lot of people forget about this one, but it is essential for any road trip!

Extra Car Keys – You never know when you may need a spare set of keys to get back into your car if the locks do not work or something breaks down inside.

Road Atlas and/or GPS Device – These tools are helpful when you are traveling a long distance and need to plan your route as well.

Tool Kit – This is very helpful in case of an emergency with various tools for changing the tire, tightening bolts, etc.

The last thing that we want to do on our road trip is worry about what will happen if something goes wrong. But rather than worrying, we can focus on having a great time and enjoying our trip!

Essential Tools For Your Home Garage

Have you ever thought what will be the great thing to do that is enjoyable but productive at the same time? With days becoming so stressful because of work and maybe some unexpected events popping up, it would be nice to have a break once in a while and also to have a space to work on your hobbies. The garage is a great space for you to work on your hobbies and clear your mind, which is why it’s a great idea to keep it heated so that it’s comfortable year-round. There is something about tinkering and fixing that is so therapeutic and fulfilling. But of course, for you to be able to do this you have to have the right tools on hand. You may not need to purchase everything you see in the hardware store, but there are some things that are must-have in your garage. You will be able to start little by little and build up your tool kit as you go.

1. Jack Stand

Working on a car frequently requires you to be underneath the chassis so that you can work on the mechanical components. With a jack stand, the car will be lifted up. It is crucial to find a sturdy one though because having one that is weak is dangerous. If it breaks while you are working, it may cost you your life.

2. Air Compressor

An air compressor will be useful for powering up your pneumatic tools. It is also used for inflating car tires. I can also be a dust blower. Add to that, it can be useful around the house, not just the garage. An example will be using it as a leaf blower and inflating other items such as balls or pool toys.

3. Wrench

The tool used for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts. It will be used a lot for a car because they have lots of bolts and nuts and they are not all in the same size. That is why it is handy to have different sets of them on hand. There also different kinds of wrenches and they are designed for specific uses. Some examples that will be very convenient to have are:

  1. Ratchet – allows continuous rotary motion in one direction and prevents motion on the opposite.
  2. Socket Set – a type of wrench that has a socket attached and is used to turn and tighten a fastener or bolt.
  3. Impact Wrench – one of the power wrenches that is useful for more powerful tightening. You will be able save time and energy with this.

4. Pliers and Cutters

The tool used for holding objects firmly. They are also for cutting wires and bending.

5. Hood Light or Flashlight

There are times that you have to work with the depths of the engine but is hard because of the darkness. With the help of a hood light or flashlight, you will be able to have your work done.

6. Pressurized Water

Keeping the car clean will help it stay in good condition. With a pressurized water source, it will be easier for you to clean your car and will have no excuses to procrastinate about it. It will also be helpful for cleaning out your garage.

Planning a Barbecue with your Car-Loving Buds!

Having a barbecue with your car-loving buds could be a lot of fun especially if planned right. And what can be more fun than taking a ride together and ending it with a great meal?

The first thing you need to do is to have one person in charge of the planning. This way nothing is overlooked. This person will be in charge of who is bringing what to the barbecue.

After you have chosen a person to be in charge of the planning the next thing you need to decide is the location of your barbecue. You have to choose a place where there is ample room for all of the cars. You could even choose a place where you can line up your cars and pop open the hoods having a mini car show.

Have a four-hour window of time so that no one is stressing about being late or too early. You also have to figure out how many people will be attending. This is the basis for how much food will be needed.

Decide what kind of barbecue do you want to have. Do you want hamburgers and hot dogs or do you want to do a traditional barbecue of brisket? If you decide to smoke a brisket then you need to have someone in charge of the smoker – and you’ll want to make sure that you have the best electric smoker for the job. Hot dogs and hamburgers or even chicken are the easiest to do.

Once the food is chosen then come the drinks. Most barbecues consist of sodas, lemonades, wine, and beer. Instead of having someone bring these you can have everyone chip in and someone to go buy the drinks and ice them down. If there are children there be sure to bring some juice drinks for them.

The rule of thumb is two to three items for each person. Such as three hamburgers and three drinks. Deserts can be something easy like cookies. Brownies also make a great dessert. Stay away from things that have to be heated up.

Each person on the list can bring a dish to go along with the meat. They will be responsible for bringing their dish. This is where one planner really comes into play by making sure that different dishes are being contributed and that not everyone brings the same thing. Just make sure the dishes are things that do not have to be served hot. This is really important if the barbecue is held in a park or on a beach.

Be sure to have on the list a person whose job it is is to bring utensils like paper plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins. If having music put one person in charge of this. Also, have a group who is responsible for cleaning up the debris after the barbecue is over.

The person in charge should be sure to follow-up twice after all the decisions have been made. This will ensure that the barbecue will come together smoothly. Keeping thing simple is the most important part.

This could be an annual summer event for all your car-loving buds and their families. It makes for a great time to check out all the cars and enjoy the camaraderie of friends.

Podcast and Drive

When choosing the right audio equipment for creating your own podcast while in the seat of your car you want to make sure that you buy the right equipment. It is convenient that you look into a lot of different things to start your car podcast. You want to make sure you have the top-of-the-line audio equipment to make sure that your quality is that of a similar experience for the user as if you were to broadcast inside of your house.

When searching for the right audio equipment you want to make sure that you have certain microphones that cancel out background noise since you will be on the road with passing cars and other distracting noises in the background as the speaker. Certain audio mics have built-in technology to cancel out background noise and to filter out Jitters along with white noise from your car. We can start by doing a simple search on Google to find noise-canceling microphones for your car that will suit you best for your podcast experience.

You want to make sure that you have a mic mount for your car that is positioned in the correct location so that your users and your listeners can hear you speak clearly and loudly enough. We can also find these mounts available with a simple search to best suit your uses. Most car audio equipment such as microphones are now included with newer make and model vehicles, while installing your own microphone may be a more difficult task it will still be relevant and convenient for you to stream your podcast whenever you feel able to. You’ll also want to incorporate something to amplify the sound of your mic, there are a variety of cheap audio interfaces to choose from these days.

In order to ensure the best quality while you are doing your podcast streams, you want to make sure you have everything installed correctly. If you are very Savvy with technology you could accomplish this alone by yourself if you’d like to. You always want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your technology that you purchase and to ensure this you would want a professional to install your devices for you so that your quality is best for your listeners.

Podcasts can be done anywhere around the world nowadays, we have people in their mom’s basement doing podcasts, people in offices, or people in the gym. Your followers will gather based on content but also based on the quality of your content and quality of your audio. Please ensure that your listeners are listening to the best quality audio that they can possibly receive to ensure satisfaction to them.

Best Practices and Tips for Cleaning Your Car at Home

Keeping your car clean is important and not always easy, but cleaning your car at home is best! You may think all there is to keeping your car clean is a quick rinse, sudsy wash and drying it with a towel, but there is much more to keeping it clean and doing it the right way. Keep in mind, newer cars may take less work than older cars and each type or model of car may need different car cleaning methods and products.

Before starting the cleaning process, purchase microfiber cloths and separate them for use – one set for the exterior wash, for wheels and for windows. Also, purchase sponges or car mitts and compatible cleaning materials for the brand of vehicle and for chrome vs. aluminum wheels. Now, for the best practices for cleaning your car at home:

1. First, rinse your entire car to remove excess dirt and buildup to prevent scratches.

2. Next, wash the wheels with a safe cleaner for all wheels, then use a brush for washing the tires. When finished, empty the buckets and rinse all of your cleaning materials. Alternatively, an electric pressure washer can make quick work of the tires. Check out for more info.

3. Use car washing soap and add to a clean bucket of water. Since the bottom part is dirtiest, with a clean car mitt, wash the windows and the top half, all around the car, then wash the lower half. Another bucket with clean water should be used to continually rinse your car mitt or sponge, so dirt won’t grind into your paint, making scratch marks. Extra scrubbing and cleaner may be needed for bugs, tar and other spots.

4. After checking out the results of your fantastic washing job, it’s time for rinsing! There are two options: using a nozzle to spray off the suds or no nozzle, called the “sheeting method” (experts recommend), to allow water to slide off, giving a more thorough rinse.

5. Next comes the drying part. Always dry your car to prevent water spots – never air dry! Using a microfiber towel or a synthetic chamois, dry the windows and mirrors first, then work your way around, top to bottom. Next use another microfiber towel to dry your wheels.

6. If a coat of wax is not being applied after this wash, finish the process by protecting your exterior with a wax or spray sealant to give a shiny appearance.

Cleaning the interior:

1. Remove the floor mats and clean thoroughly using a scrub brush and a cleaning solution mixed in water, then let air dry.

2. Vacuum the upholstery and floors. If cloth upholstery, you may need to do some spot cleaning first; for leather, use a cleaner specifically for leather.

3. To clean and protect the vinyl, use a spray or cream cleaner with a soft cloth.

Some final tips: To protect the paint and prevent splotches, never wash your car in direct sunlight or when it’s too hot! Don’t think of it as work: enjoy the outdoors

and HAVE FUN!!

Three Of The Fastest Sports Cars In 2018

Are you feeling the need for speed? Well, get amped! 2018 might be an epic year of sports car satisfaction. There are so many details that make a sports car worth a test drive. Torque performance, roadway handling, interior specs, and even custom-paint jobs. This year, there is a sports car to satisfy everyone. Here are just 3 of the many sports cars available this in 2018.

2018 Aston Martin DB11

After 10 years since the last new auto model to be introduced by the 104-year-old London-based automobile giant Aston Martin, the Aston Martin DB11 is making automobile critics take notice. Available with 5.2-liter V12 that pushes 600-horsepower, and a secondary selection of 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine that provides the lower 503-horsepower. The V8 model is lighter and easier to handle, which makes it more appealing to the mass public. Although 4 people are supposed to fit inside, realistically it is a 2-seater with space in the back for a travel bag. Interior technology includes Infotainment with an 8-inch screen, navigation, and a 360-degree mirror that assists with reverse driving.

2018 Maserati GranTurismo

The historic Maserati automaker has impressed savvy drivers in Italy and beyond for over a century, and the Maserati GranTurismo release of 2018 has been no exception. Combining luxury and sports car performance, the GranTurismo contains comfortable interior that includes leather seats, legroom for passengers in the back, and the Maserati Stability Program that constantly monitors driving conditions with innovative sensors. Torque ability comes from the 4.7-litre V8 which produces 454 of horsepower and allows drivers to hear the vroom of the high-performance engine.

2018 Corvette Z06

The classic Corvette possesses the mechanical innovation available in 2018. Speeding to 60 MPH in 2.95 seconds from the 650-horsepower, the 6.2L V8 engine lives up to the expected performance. Acceleration capabilities rival other sports cars on the market in 2018, and individual driving performance is logged by the Performance Data Recorder. The Corvette Z06 is built with lightweight materials and has a rear spoiler that keeps the back of the car firmly on the road while traveling at high speeds. The interior gives passengers a luxurious traveling experience with Napa leather seats, has available Apple CarPlay or AndroidAuto compatibility, and built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi. Considered a Super Car, the 2018 Corvette Z06 combines luxury and horsepower in a respected high-performance automobile.

Our Favorite Cars from the 90s

In the 1970s and 1980s, car manufacturers produced designs that took the shape of boxes. On the other hand, they were unproportioned. Regarding performance, they lacked the edge that is in today’s vehicles. The strict regulations that governed the degree of emissions inhibited the manufactures from producing sport and muscle cars. In the wake of a new decade (the 90s), things took a turn for the better. Designers adopted new techniques and began using curves on the new models. The 1990 era saw the production of vehicles that were simple in construction and the rise of the airbags made them safer. Advancement in technology allowed designers to meet the emission regulation demands. As a result, the dream of higher speeds and power became a reality. The decade became the onset of the production of the vehicles we now love to call ‘the classics.’ Among the top cars in the 90s include;

McLaren F1

The F1 stands at the top. The engineers designed it with a high degree of precision that had never been used before. It was built paying much attention to every detail. The McLaren adopted the accuracy found in any Formula 1 car. Those lucky to drive the super car lauds it acceleration capability. The handling is perfect, and the vehicle communicates in detail about its path. The engine bay lining constitutes 24k gold that helps in the dissipation of heat. It runs on a V12 engine and delivers 618 hp.

Mazda Miata

Well, this model was designed for the wealthy and classy individuals. We would all love to drive in the Lotus Elan. Mazda adopted the British Roadster qualities that made it lightweight and infused them with the Japan technology and quality. As a result, we had the production of the Miata that came at bank-breaking prices. However, it remains the best sports car of the decade that they could buy.

Hummer H1

If I were to choose between the 90s vehicles, I would pick the original Hummer and brand it the super car of the off-road users. It was virtually unstoppable and could handle just about any terrain. While the others models borrowed its shape, the Hummer 1 maintains its flashy look. Its construction was spearheaded after Arnold Schwarzenegger made a request. The military Humvee attained a speed of 60mph in 20 seconds.

Ford Ranger

Built to last, the Ford Ranger went into the market in 1993. At the time, the Ranger was a show of might and power. Today, we still pine for a truck. The F-150 is way too big for most jobs. The ranger came in handy for people who frequented the hardware stores. Many contractors purchased the truck as it aided in the construction business. Additionally, they used it to light tow. However, the Ranger went out of production in 2012.

Buick Roadmaster

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Perhaps, this is one of the vehicles that most of the children in the 90s can relate. Most of us have probably spent time in this car while our moms steer the wheel in front. The truth is that this was an ordinary car with the 90s mums. It was a rear wheel drive that was powered by an American V8 engine. The vehicle could tow up to an estimated 5,000 lbs. It was cooler than the Corolla we drive today.

Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

It’s a no-brainer. In the 90s, the Ford manufacturers starved us of the Shelby Mustangs. However, Ford special vehicles team quenched our thirst with the introduction of the brilliant SVT Cobra. The Cobra hit the market in 1993. It was uniquely designed and pumped up to hold its ground against any sports car at that time.