Trick Out Your Man Cave With These Awesome Upgrades

Every man loves having a place that he can go hang with his buds where there are couches, TVs, music, and places to keep beer ice cold. Not everyone is so fortunate to have such a place, but if you do then you know the simple luxury that it affords you.

Let’s say you are indeed lucky enough to have a place like this of your own, and better yet all of your buddies have one just like it. What’s there in your man cave to set it apart from that of all of the others? With a little creativity, I’m sure you can come up with some ideas of your own. Maybe its something to do with a sports team, or muscle cars, or perhaps your favorite movie. If not, we’ve put together a list of a few things you can add to your man cave to help make it a great place to have some brews with your buds.

Pool Table

It never hurts to go back to your roots. And who doesn’t love a nice game of pool? If you have the space (and the cash) a pool table can be a great option. A simple game of eight ball can be a great way to pass the time. Over time you can hone your skills and really have an advantage over anyone who makes the mistake of challenging you to a game. This table alone will be enough to make your friends want to come by and spend the afternoon.

Dart Board

Dart boards are to pool tables as peanut butter is to jelly. One simply doesn’t seem to exist without the other. Better yet, if you can’t quite afford a pool table, be it for lack of space or lack of funding, a dart board can be brought in on a more reasonable budget. Just make sure to get a back stop that spans plenty of the wall. It’s all too easy to make a mess of the plaster with stray darts if you don’t.


An afternoon with your buddies simply isn’t all that it can be without a pint of suds. Sure, you can drink out of a can or a bottle like everyone else does, but why not up the ante with your very own selection of beer on tap? Some of the more adventurous hobbyists will even venture into the wild world of making their own home brew to put in the kegs, but you can simply buy some at your local liquor store already in the keg. Some kegerators will even have two taps so that you can have two of your favorite draft beers on tap.

Electric Fireplace

If you’re looking to bring a cool and hip vibe to your man cave, an electric fireplace is a great place to start. They can run on a multitude of flame colors and heat settings. You can also get them in all sorts of formats, from tv stands to inserts for traditional fireplace inserts. However, probably the best design for your man cave is an electric fireplace that is wall mounted perpendicular to your TV. This will save space and give something else to look at during commercials. You can find some good options for your man cave here: .

Massage Chairs

This can get expensive fast, but with good reason. Have you ever sat in a massage chair? Go check one out next time you’re in your local mall. They are simply unbelievable. Just imagine your next game day, sitting and watching the TV with your good friends, all the while sitting in a massage chair. If you resist the temptation to fall asleep, you might just catch the whole game. In any case, you’ll feel incredibly relaxed at the end of your session.

Planning a Barbecue with your Car-Loving Buds!

Having a barbecue with your car-loving buds could be a lot of fun especially if planned right. And what can be more fun than taking a ride together and ending it with a great meal?

The first thing you need to do is to have one person in charge of the planning. This way nothing is overlooked. This person will be in charge of who is bringing what to the barbecue.

After you have chosen a person to be in charge of the planning the next thing you need to decide is the location of your barbecue. You have to choose a place where there is ample room for all of the cars. You could even choose a place where you can line up your cars and pop open the hoods having a mini car show.

Have a four-hour window of time so that no one is stressing about being late or too early. You also have to figure out how many people will be attending. This is the basis for how much food will be needed.

Decide what kind of barbecue do you want to have. Do you want hamburgers and hot dogs or do you want to do a traditional barbecue of brisket? If you decide to smoke a brisket then you need to have someone in charge of the smoker – and you’ll want to make sure that you have the best electric smoker for the job. Hot dogs and hamburgers or even chicken are the easiest to do.

Once the food is chosen then come the drinks. Most barbecues consist of sodas, lemonades, wine, and beer. Instead of having someone bring these you can have everyone chip in and someone to go buy the drinks and ice them down. If there are children there be sure to bring some juice drinks for them.

The rule of thumb is two to three items for each person. Such as three hamburgers and three drinks. Deserts can be something easy like cookies. Brownies also make a great dessert. Stay away from things that have to be heated up.

Each person on the list can bring a dish to go along with the meat. They will be responsible for bringing their dish. This is where one planner really comes into play by making sure that different dishes are being contributed and that not everyone brings the same thing. Just make sure the dishes are things that do not have to be served hot. This is really important if the barbecue is held in a park or on a beach.

Be sure to have on the list a person whose job it is is to bring utensils like paper plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins. If having music put one person in charge of this. Also, have a group who is responsible for cleaning up the debris after the barbecue is over.

The person in charge should be sure to follow-up twice after all the decisions have been made. This will ensure that the barbecue will come together smoothly. Keeping thing simple is the most important part.

This could be an annual summer event for all your car-loving buds and their families. It makes for a great time to check out all the cars and enjoy the camaraderie of friends.

Let’s Go Paintballing!

Are you bored with water cooler talk? Want to injure that annoying friend without being hauled away by Uncle Sam? Ready for the best team-building exercise of all time with your Coffee and Cars buds?

Then come to Coffee and Car’s annual paintball outing!

When: March 3

Where: Planet Paintball Dyersdale

What: Shooting each other with brightly colored balls of pain -t.

We’ll work with and against each other in this complex strategy game, and use our surroundings to our advantage as we try to take down the opposing team. Cooperation is the key to victory!

“A house divided against itself cannot mercilessly destroy the other team at paintball.” -Abraham Lincoln, probably

So join us on the 3rd of March for the time of your life, unless you’d rather do something more exciting, like watching paint dry.¬†Why do that, when you could be accidentally shooting your teammates, running around yelling, and then go home with a bunch of bruises- I mean, great memories! Heck, why do that at all? Watching paint dry is the definition of boring. Though, technically, when you come, you’ll see paint dry anyway… on your clothes… because you’re gonna get rekt, noob.

“Watching paint dry” was a bad example. I see that now.

Come paintballing with us! It’ll be fun!

Grab your gear and meet us there, it’ll be a great time for all!